About Us

Minimising Risk to Owners and Occupants 

Eversure Fire Protection has been servicing Sydney Strata and Service industries for over 12 years and offers a wide range of services across all aspects of the Fire Protection industry. 

Our aim is to make property compliance quicker and easier with best value for money. We are aware of the pressure managers and compliance officers are under to comply with council and NCC fire protection requirements and are on call to rectify all fire compliance issues in a timely manner.

Eversure performs inspection, testing, maintenance, certification, repair, tenancy refits, system upgrades and installation of all essential fire services

Eversure staff have a high level of industry experience with a combination of trade qualification, continual training, up-skilling and a focus on customer service and quality improvement.

Providing Total Protection

We value our long term relationships with our clients and some of the services that we are proud to offer include:

  • Dedicated Manager for your site or project
  • Web-based inspection bookings
  • Web Portal for asset, job status and condition reporting
  • Fire Safety Schedules – available in Excel or pdf for accurate records and reporting of your assets
  • Web Portal for asset, job status and asset condition reporting
  • Management of council fire orders, fit outs, installations and upgrade works
  • Competent Fire Safety Practitioners 
  • Annual Fire Safety Statements

Eversure operates throughout the greater Sydney region.


Eversure Fire has partnered with AroFlo for success. AroFlo is a cloud-based job management system that lets us manage our business efficiently and provide a range of benefits to our clients.


  We are very proud to say we achieve a high percentage of return business from our contracted maintenance clients, construction associates, strata executive committees, individual persons and small businesses.

We are committed to our relationships with our clients and continually strive to ensure we provide them with the best possible products and services.

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As your fire protection contractor, we will collaborate and work with you to find solutions to your specific requirements.