Prevention is key

Electricity causes heat as it travels through wiring.  Faulty or overloaded electrical cabling systems, equipment and machinery are a fire risk and can lead to major fire disasters, extensive damage and loss of life.

Thermalec, a sister company of Eversure Fire Protection, uses thermal image technology to identify switchboards and other electrical equipment that are faulty, poorly connected or overloaded.  Identifying and rectifying faulty or overloaded electrical equipment in a timely manner will eliminate the additional cost of damage caused by those faults.  It also removes the fire risk they pose.

Many insurance companies accept periodic thermographic surveys, and subsequent maintenance, as an acceptable form of proactive and diligent fire hazard management. This could lead to reductions in your insurance premiums.

One of our qualified electricians uses a thermal imaging camera to identify ‘hot spots’  or overloads in your electrical cabling systems, equipment and machinery. ‘Hot spots’ are caused by overloaded circuits or faulty equipment – this can lead to a fire or catastrophic system failure.

A thermographic survey is then conducted followed by a full colour report. This report will clearly identify all risk areas and offer professional advice on how best to repair and manage your electrical systems and equipment.

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