Eversure employees licenced Builders, Carpenters & Fire Technicians to test, inspect, repair, install and upgrade the following passive fire protection measures:

1. Fire doors frames, closers & associated hardware.
2. Fire, smoke & acoustic seals for doors and frames.
3. Fire shutters – fire collars -fire pillows – fire sealants.
4. Upgrades to balustrades and staircases as per Council Safety Orders.
5. Fire resistant construction & sealing of existing electrical cupboards.

Fire doors are manufactured to prevent the passage of smoke and flames between compartments in buildings.  They also serve as paths of egress from buildings.  The are designed to withstand fire come with either a 1 hour or 2 hour rating.

Fire collars prevent the passage of flames and hot gases by crushing and sealing of the plastic pipe. The intumescent material contained in all collars are unaffected by water, atmospheric influences and industrial environments.

Fire Sealants are suitable for sealing construction joints and service penetrations in plasterboard, concrete and masonry. When cured, they provide an elastic, flexible seal that accommodates joint movement and is fire rated up to 4 hours.

Fire-resistant Plasterboard can be used in wall and ceiling systems where fire resistance is to be achieved and is useful where improved acoustic performance is required.

Fire Barrier Pillows are a self-contained highly in-tumescent product designed to firestop a wide variety of through-penetrations including cable trays, conduit and blank openings, which penetrate fire-rated construction.

Fire Shutters are ideal for applications where there is high risk of fire or where open areas can channel the fire out of control. The Fire Shutter closes automatically when activated to prevent the fire from spreading into the adjacent area. It is commonly used for shopping malls, fire curtain dividers, supermarket entries, warehouses, office buildings and flammable storage buildings. Fire Shutters are highly recommended where flammable materials are present.

Fire Dampers are designed to impede the spread of fire and or combustible products, for example – smoke through openings to other fire compartments of an air handling system.

Vermiculite Fire Spray is suitable for fire protection of structural steel columns, beams, metal ducts and cables as well as textured finishes.  It is approved for both internal and external use, as well as acoustic and heat applications.  It provides up to 4 hours protection.

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As your fire protection contractor, we will collaborate and work with you to find solutions to your specific requirements.